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Revisión de las figuras Timpo / Toyway en escala 1:32

Infantería Nordista, 1:32 Figuras Timpo / Toyway 43504

Timpo 1:32 scale Union infantry figures of the American Civil War. These Timpo Action Figures are recasts of old Timpo Solids miniatures, compatible with 54 mm figures of the 7th US Cavalry produced by Timpo.


8 figuras in 4 posturas – 53 mm igualan 170 cm altura en escala 1:32

  • Union Soldier with Revolver (2)
  • Union Soldier with Musket, avanzando (2)
  • Union Soldier with Musket, attacking (2)
  • Union Soldier with Musket, tirando (2)
Infantería de la unión, 1:32 Figuras Timpo / Toyway 43504


These Timpo / Toyway soft plastic figures may be painted as Union or Confederate infantry. All figures are wearing the popular sack coat. Equipment consists of a cartridge pouch, cap pouch, haversack, and canteen.

The infantry muskets are not detailed enough to identify them as a Enfield M.1853 or Springfield Percussion Rifle-Musket. Bent muskets and bayonets may be straightened in hot water, and fixed in their proper position with ice-cold water.

The soldier pictured at right carries the catridge and cap pouches of a musket-armed infantryman, but he seems to have lost or dropped his rifle to fight on with his revolver. The figure may be converted to un abanderado by drilling the right hand open and inserting a flagstaff into it. The conversion to an officer figure is significantly more difficult, requiring the removal of the cartridge pouch and pouch belt, to be replaced by a revolver holster attached to the waistbelt. The officer figure would also need shoulder tabs made of paper.

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