Remolque de Carga 1-ton «Ben Hur»

Remolques de Carga 1-ton Ben Hur, britannicos

The two-wheeled trailer has a cargo capacity of 1 ton, and it may be towed by a Dodge Weapons Carrier or similar cargo vehicle. The welded steel body is water-tight, capable of floating and fording shallow water. The parked trailer is supported by stabilizing jacks, one at the front and two at the rear. Lashing points are available to secure the load and hold the canvas cover in place. The Airfix 1:76 scale model of the cargo trailer shown here has received a new canvas tilt made from tissue paper. The original plastic tilt was cut into narrow sections to provide supports for the new tilt.


  • Trailer, Cargo, 2-wheel, 1-ton, G518, «Ben Hur», 1:48 Gaso.line
  • Trailer, cargo, 2-wheel, 1-ton, G518, «Ben Hur», 1:72 CMK MV088
  • Trailer, Cargo, 2-wheel, 1-ton, G518, 1:76 Airfix 02318
  • Trailer, Cargo, 2-wheel, 1-ton, G518, 1:76 Ostmodels UK3
  • Trailer, Cargo, 2-wheel, 1-ton, G518 "Ben Hur", 1:76 Hinchliffe 20/180
  • Trailer, Cargo, 2-wheel, 1-ton, G518 "Ben Hur" with Tilt, 1:76 Hinchliffe 20/180A
  • Trailer, Cargo, 2-wheel, 1-ton, G518, 1:87 ROCO 152

Especificaciones Técnicas

  • Trailer, cargo, 2-wheel, 1-ton, G518
  • Longitud: 3650 mm
  • Ancho: 1880 mm
  • Altura: 2100 mm
  • Wheel Track: 1610 mm
  • Manufacturer: Ben-Hur Mfg. Co., and others
  • Production: mid-1942

Small cargo trailers are typically used to transport personal equipment and supplies; they may be towed by light or medium trucks and some armoured vehicles.

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