Artillería a Caballo de la Guardia Real de Nápoles, 1806–1815

Naismith 15 mm Artillería a Caballo de la Guardia Real de Nápoles, 1806–1815

The Royal Neapolitan Guard was established by decree of 30 Septiembre 1806, it included one battery of foot and one of horse artillery. The Neapolitan Artillerie à Cheval de la Garde had five 6-pdr guns and one 5.5" howitzer. The horse artillery gunners were fully mounted, either on spare horses, limbers or ammunition wagons, in order to keep up with the guard cavalry they were to support in battle. Draft horses, limbers, supply and ammunition wagons were handled by artillery train soldiers attached to the guard horse artillery. Due to manpower shortages, the Neapolitan guard foot and guard horse artillery batteries were amalgamated on 22 Septiembre 1808 to form a single guard horse artillery battery.


Historia de Campañas

  • Bataille de Tolentino, 2–3 Mai 1815

Apart from its light crimson trim, the uniform of the Neapolitan Horse Artillery of the Guard was identical to that worn by the French Artillerie à Cheval de la Garde Impériale. The Neapolitan artillery used guns and wagons of French design. Neapolitan gun carriages, artillery equipment, and wagons were painted light blue, with black metal fittings.

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