Artillería a Caballo de la Guardia Imperial Francesa

Revisión de las figuras Naismith en escala 1:120

Artillería a Caballo de la Guardia Imperial Francesa, 1:120 Figuras Naismith NF13

Francés Napoleónico Horse Artillery of the Imperial Guard, painted as Royal Neapolitan Guard Horse Artillery. Gunners and field pieces are sold separately. These Naismith artillery pieces are a French howitzer and a 6-pdr. gun (Systeme An XI) to the right of it. Neapolitan gun carriages and wagons were painted light blue with black metal fittings.


6 figures in 3 posturas – 15 mm igualan 180 cm altura en escala 1:120

  • Gunner No. 1 with Sponge (2)
  • Gunner No. 2 with Cannonball (2)
  • Gunner No. 9 with Water Bucket (2)


Naismith offers 15 mm miniatures in sets of six foot or three mounted figures. Artillery sets include six figures in three different poses. The francés napoleónico guard horse artillery is modelled in the process of reloading the gun after a round was fired. Gunner No. 1 is in the process of swabbing the barrel with a wet sponge, while assistant gunner No. 9 is picking up the water bucket to return to his post behind the gun. Gunner No. 2 is waiting to place the cannonball into the barrel once the charge has been rammed home. During the swabbing of the gun barrel and ramming home of a new charge, the ventsman must block the gun’s vent with a leather thumbstall to prevent a rush of air which might make any glowing embers burn brightly. The ventsman is missing in this set.

Suitable wargame poses for grand-tactical simulations. Considering the small number of different poses, these Naismith artillerists are most suitable for wargames like Empire or Age of Eagles, which require only two or three gunners per artillery base.

These Naismith figures are nicely detailed, and they will be fun to paint.

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Artillería a Caballo de la Guardia Imperial Francesa