Napoleon’s Light Infantry

Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 146

Napoleon’s Light Infantry, Osprey Men-At-Arms Series 146

Although light infantry tactics formed one of the cornerstones of Napoleonic warfare, their employment was by no means restricted to Light regiments. Thus, from the early 1800s if not before, the distinction between Light and Line infantry was largely one of costume and tradition. One marked difference from the Line infantry, however, was in the superior ésprit de corps of the Light regiments. Their attitude of superiority was reinforced by their different (and often more impressive) uniform, the theoretical difference in role, and supposed superior training. Philip Haythornthwaite examines their uniforms in a volume including eight superb colour plates by Brian Fosten. The picutre shows a 1:30 scale del Prado miniature of a sergent porte-fanion from the carabinier company of the 8e Régiment d’Infanterie Légère, 1809.


  • Título: Napoleon’s Light Infantry
  • Época: Guerras Napoleónicas
  • Tipo: Uniformología
  • Autor: Philip Haythornthwaite
  • Ilustrador: Brian Fosten
  • Formato: 40-page book
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Editorial: Osprey Publishing, London, England
  • ISBN: 0850455219
  • Publicado: 1983


  1. Organisation
  2. Light Infantry Tactics
  3. Uniforms
    • The 1791 Uniform
    • The 1793 Uniform
    • The Egyptian Uniform
    • The pre-1812 Uniform
    • The 1812 Uniform
    • The Tirailleurs Corses
  4. Weapons and Equipment
  5. Colour Plates & Descriptions
    • Chasseur, Legion des Allobroges, 1792
    • Chasseur, Paris National Guard, 1792
    • Carabinier, 14e Léger, 1798–99
    • Voltigeur, 14e Légère, 1801
    • Chasseur, 1er Légère, 1804–06
    • Carabinier, 1801
    • Voltigeur, 9e Légère, 1806
    • Sergent-major, Tirailleurs Corses, 1805
    • Carabinier, 14e Légère, 1808
    • Carabinier, walking-out dress, 1806
    • Captain, 10e Légère, 1810
    • Lieutenant of Voltigeurs, 1809
    • Major, 6e Légère, 1810
    • Officer of Carabiniers, 9e Légère, 1809
    • Tambour-major, 17e Légère, full dress, 1807
    • Musician, 15e Légère, 1807
    • Chasseur Tambour, 27e Légère, 1809
    • Sapeur, 8e Légère, 1809
    • Cantinière, 15e Légère, 1809
    • Voltigeur, 2e Légère, 1809
    • Porte-Aigle, 7e Légère, 1809
    • Sergent Porte-Fanion, 8e Légère, 1809
    • Chasseur Cornet, 12e Légère, 1810–12
    • Officer of Chasseurs, 7e Légère, 1812–14
    • Voltigeur, 10e Légère, 1812
    • Fifer, 10e Légère, 1812
    • Chasseur, 1813
  6. Regiments of Light Infantry

Napoleon’s Light Infantry is a valuable resource for wargamers and figure painters interested in raising French Léger regiments for dioramas or simulation games. The French light infantry uniform style changed repeatedly in the course of the Napoleonic Wars, and Philip Haythornthwaite’s book will help collectors to clearly identify their French Napoleonic light infantry figures.

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