Cowboys, Cazadores de Bisonte, y Pistoleros

Revisión de las figuras Jean Höfler en escala 1:30

Cowboys, Cazadores de Bisonte, y Pistoleros, 1:30 Figuras Jean Höfler 421/8

These 60 mm Cowboys and Gunfighters by Jean Höfler & Co. of Burghaslach in Middle Franconia have been painted with Artist Acrylics. The scenery is a scratch-built «General Store» made of plywood and beechwood dowels. The antique Cowboys, first released in the mid-1960s, were originally sold in sets of eight figures, followed by mixed sets of 16 or 32 Cowboys y Amerindios.

Cowboys, Cazadores de Bisonte, y Pistoleros, 1:30 Figuras Jean Höfler 421/8
  • Cowboy, mounted, with Revolver, cb01
  • Gunfighter, mounted, with two Revolvers, cb02
  • Outlaw, mounted, falling, cb03
  • Outlaw, mounted, with Revolver, cb04
  • Cowboy, mounted, with Lariat, cb05
  • Cowboy, mounted, signaling with Rifle, cb06
  • Rough Rider, mounted, swinging Whip, cb07
  • Rough Rider, mounted, with Whip, cb08
  • Cowboy, with Revolver, prone, cf01
  • Cowboy, with Rifle, prone, cf02
  • Cowboy with raised Hands, surrendering, cf03
  • Cowboy «Jim», with Revolver, falling, cf04
  • Bison Hunter «Big Joe», with Revolver and Rifle, cf05
  • Cowboy, with Rifle, kneeling, tirando, cf06
  • Cowboy, with Revolver, prone, tirando, cf07
  • Cowboy, with levelled Rifle, avanzando, cf08
  • Gunfighter with two Revolvers, duelling, cf09
  • Gunfighter with two Revolvers, standing, shooting wildly, cf10
  • Gunfighter with two Revolvers, kneeling, tirando, cf11
  • Cowboy, with Revolver, standing, tirando, cf12
  • Cowboy, standing, clubbing with rifle, cf13
  • Cowboy with Lariat, standing, cf14
  • Cowboy «Billy», standing, roping, cf15
  • Bison Hunter at the Stake, cf16
  • Cowboy, with Rifle, avanzando, cf17
  • Cowboy, with Revolver and Rifle, asaltando, cf18
  • Bison Hunter, with Rifle, standing, tirando, cf19
  • Cowboy, with Revolver, prone, tirando, cf20
  • Bison Hunter, with Revolver, avanzando, cf21
Cowboys, Cazadores de Bisontes, y Pistoleros, 1:30 Figuras Jean Höfler 421/8

Jean Höfler’s Cowboys have lost none of their charme and exceptional character over the past 50 years. Many of the poses appear to be still images taken from popular western movies, they are perfect for dioramas and wargames of the American Old West. Painted carefully, these miniatures are an excellent match for their modern brothers in arms available from other manufacturers. Simple conversions, like the addition of breast pockets or buttons, are easily done with modelling wax.

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