Revisión de las figuras Jean Höfler en escala 1:30

Amerindios, 1:30 Figuras Jean Höfler 420/8

These 60 mm Amerindios by Jean Höfler & Co. of Burghaslach in Middle Franconia have been painted con Artist Acrylics. The antique Amerindios, first released in the mid-1960s, were originally sold in sets of eight figures, followed by mixed sets of 16 or 32 Cowboys y Amerindios.

Amerindios, 1:30 Figuras Jean Höfler 420/8
  • Amerindio, mounted, con Warbonnet and Spear, ib01
  • Amerindio, mounted, con Warbonnet and Tomahawk, ib02
  • Amerindio, mounted, con Rifle, ib03
  • Amerindio, mounted, con Knife, ib04
  • Amerindio, mounted, con Bow, ib05
  • Amerindio, mounted, con Warbonnet, Spear and Shield, ib06
  • Amerindio, mounted, falling, ib07
  • Amerindio, mounted, con Bison-Warbonnet, ib08
  • Amerindio con Tomahawk and Shield, standing, if01
  • Amerindio con Bow, kneeling, tirando, if02
  • Amerindio, falling, if03
  • Amerindio «Eagle-Eye» con Spear (Feather Bow), if04
  • Amerindio, prone, scouting, if05
  • Amerindio con Rifle, crawling, if06
  • Amerindio con Carabina, standing, if07
  • Amerindio con Rifle, kneeling, tirando, if08
  • Amerindio con Warbonnet and Rifle, standing, tirando, if09
  • Amerindia carrying Child in Sling, if10
  • Amerindio con Rifle, prone, if11
  • Amerindio con Tomahawk, crawling, if12
  • Amerindio at the Stake, if13
  • Amerindio con Warbonnet, throwing a Rock, if14
  • Amerindio «Thundercloud» con Tomahawk, jumping over rocks, if15
  • Amerindio con Tomahawk and Knife, asaltando, if16
  • Amerindio con Bow, standing, tirando, if17
  • Amerindio con Knife and Scalp, if18
  • Amerindio con Spear and Rifle, if19
  • Amerindio con Knife, prone, if20
Amerindios, 1:30 Figuras Jean Höfler 420/8 Amerindios, 1:30 Figuras Jean Höfler 420/8

These Amerindios by Jean Höfler are very suitable for conversion, either to improve an individual figure or to increase the number of available poses.

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