Chacó, 1:30 Soldados del Prado

Shako (Hungarian Csákó, peaked cap), a tall military cap, either cylindrical or conical, wider or narrower at the top, first introduced in France in 1806 to replace the bicornio, and eventually adopted by the armed forces of many other nations. During the reign of Frederic William IV, the Prussian shako was replaced by the Pickelhaube helmet; the Austrian army adopted a low round hat, and the French army introduced the kepi. German chasseurs, sharpshooters, signal troops, airship crews, and marines of the period wore a similarly shaped cap.

Clave English Deutsch Français Italiano Español
a plume Stutz plumet, aigrette    
b pompom Puschel pompon fiocco pompón
c disc Kennscheibe houppette, lentille    
d top Deckel tour, fond    
e lace Besatz galon    
f chevron Steg chevron coccarda escarapela
g cockade Kokarde cocarde    
h cords Behänge cordelière, cordon   cordones
i flounders Spiegel raquettes    
k bottom strap Bund bourdalou    
l peak, visor Schirm visière visiera  
m chinscales, chinstrap Schuppenketten jugulaires    
n shako plate, badge Beschlag, Blech plaque    
o ferrule Tulpe douille    
p rosette, boss, rose Rosette rosette, bouton en rosace    
p tassel Quaste gland nappa borla

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