Bandolier, Mounted Infantry (Mark I)

Bandolier, Mounted Infantry (Mark I), Pattern 1882

LoC No. 4401 – Bandolier, Mounted Infantry (Mark I), 16 May 1882.

It is a brown leather shoulder belt, 51 inches in length, fitted with a double tongued buckle and a running loop. 50 leather tubes are fitted to the belt; each of these tubes will contain a small arm cartridge. The 50 tubes are divided into six sections or compartments; four compartments are fitted to contain 10 tubes each, and two 5 tubes each.

To prevent the cartridges being shaken out, each section has a cover which fastens to studs fixed to the tubes.

A short strap (9 ¾ inches in length) is attached to a brass D on the belt, and is intended to pass round the waist-belt of the wearer, so as to steady the bandolier.

A pattern of this article has been sealed to govern supplies, when specially ordered, for Mounted Infantry.

With LoC No. 4607, dated 17 Nov 1884, the designation of the bandolier referred to in LoC 4401 has been altered to read:

  • Bandolier, leather, 50 rounds, Mounted Infantry

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